Province Chooses Cannabis Retailer To Serve Niverville
May 17, 2019

The Province of Manitoba has announced the cannabis retailer that has been chosen to serve the Town of Niverville.

The name of the company selected for Niverville is Canna Cabana Inc. The selection process consisted of a randomized draw from approximately 100 pre-qualified candidates who are seeking to open cannabis stores in the province. In the event that Canna Cabana does not choose to take the opportunity, Red River Coopoerative Ltd. has been announced as the standby retailer.

Niverville Mayor Myron Dyck says town council has done their due diligence and has identified where a cannabis store can be located in the town.

“We’ve taken out our maps, we have looked at the provincial regulations as far as 1,000 feet from institutions such as schools for example and we have identified two areas in town where it could go. One being on the eastern portion of Bronstone Drive just off of PR 311, where our new town office is, or in our business park.”

In late March, Niverville was selected as one of seven rural communities to get a cannabis store as the province tries to fulfill it’s pledge to have an outlet within a 30-minute drive of 90% of the population.

Dyck says once the chosen business decides to move forward, the town will handle it the same way they do all other local businesses.

“The next step is in the hands of the primary selected. They have 10 days to accept if they are prepared to set up in the community. Once that is done then obviously they would be looking for a place to set up shop. At that point, we would have to do a conditional use like we would with any business looking to set up in our community. Right now it is kind of wait and see on the towns side.”

Dyck says council has heard from a number of residents and they have been meeting with a few community groups such as the Niverville ministerial to discuss how retail cannabis could affect the town. He says he has been encouraging residents of Niverville to educate themselves. He recommends reading the health information made available by the Province of Manitoba.

Written by: Kenton Dyck
Source: Steinbach Online