One week after legal pot shops open, business is booming
April 28, 2019

Business is booming according to a legal pot shop owner in Hamilton. Canna Cabana has been open for one week and the owner says the demand for legal marijuana in the city is even greater than anticipated. The owner estimates selling over $50,000 worth of cannabis products per day.

Its been open for 7 days and still, the line is out the door. The owner of Canna Cabana on Barton street, Steven Fry says it cost about 1.2 million dollars to get his legal cannabis shop up and running, but its been paying off bringing in 10’s of thousands of dollars every day.

Many customers today paid in cash, some dropping over $100 for their cannabis products. Fry says since opening, about 1,000 people per day have walked into his store. It was a different scene at the second pot shop to open in Hamilton. Hello Cannabis in Dundas just opened yesterday and today there was no line, but still a constant stream of customers visited the store.

The manager says he doesn’t know how many customers visited the shop on opening day, but is happy with the turnout so far.

The main difference between the two legal pot shops in Hamilton is that at Canna Cabana on Barton street you can see the packaged products and see and smell some of the weed, whereas at Hello Cannabis in Dundas the weed is not on display. Some customers were frustrated because they were not sure what they were buying, and what the flower looked like others saying that it didn’t matter because the clerks were very helpful.

Source: CHCH