Assigned Items Form

All items assigned to employees are the property of High Tide Inc. and must be returned upon exit. All previously assigned items must be registered using the form below. Employees must provide the correct hardware type and complete serial codes for all assigned equipment taken off work sites.

The most common assigned equipment are laptops, and the serial keys can be found on the bottom of the laptop. Please type ALL text from “Type” to the last digit above the bar code as shown in the image.

If you have been given a building key, those must also be registered using the form below.

You must complete this form whenever there is an addition or removal to your assigned items.

Assigned Items Form

  • Add the type of device (ex. Laptop, Tablet, Printer, Camera, Projector, etc.) and complete Serial Number (All characters above barcode, ex. TYPE 20LB-0021US S/N R9-0R3GGZ 18/07).
    Click the plus button to add more devices/accessories. Serial keys are not required for keyboards/mice or other small accessories, instead please input the brand.
    Device TypeSerial Number / Accessory Brand 
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  • If you have been assigned keys to any doors, please input the location for each key. (ex. Head Office | Storage Room, Canna Cabana Lethbridge | Front Door, etc.)
    Click the plus button to add more keys.
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  • By clicking this checkbox, you agree that the above fields are accurate and correct. The serial number(s) provided are exactly as they appear on the barcode of the device and that as the assignee, you agree to return any keys and/or device(s) in working condition upon temporary or permanent departure from the company for any reason.