HighTide’s story began in 2009 as an independent smoke shop chain catering to cannabis enthusiasts in western Canada. With a decade of experience in retail cannabis accessories, we’ve grown to become the largest counterculture chain in Canada, a dominant distributor and manufacturer partnered with entertainment brands like Snoop Dogg and Paramount Pictures, and are positioned to roll out one of the largest retail cannabis chains in the country upon legalization.


In 2011 we founded RGR Canada Inc., a manufacturer and wholesaler of premium cannabis accessories distributing to independent retailers across the nation. With over 70% of our catalog manufactured in-house, we are vertically integrated from factory to retail and are a global leader in cannabis consumption technologies and branding.

Smoker’s Corner, our original smoking accessories chain, is poised to convert many of our existing 19 locations into cannabis retail stores upon legalization. Our new retail concept, Canna Cabana, is expected to number over 20 independent locations by the end of 2018. With over a decade of experience and relationships built with cannabis consumers in Canada, our brand is a favourite for attracting connoisseurs across all eligible provinces.


In 2016 we co-founded Famous Brandz, a branded smoking accessories company distributing products internationally with licensors like Snoop Dogg, the Trailer Park Boys, Paramount Pictures and Kevin Smith. In two short years, Famous Brandz has become a dominant brand carried by the largest distributors, retailers and retail chains across the globe, and will serve as a platform for new brands, products and retail cannabis lounge concepts.

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